Back to work

I’ve finally taken steps into the big, bad world of social media this week.  I’ve avoided it for several years and can only assume this toe-dipping is down to putting off getting back to work on my second novel, Gone.  Seems to be a common problem this second novel syndrome and strange to be comparing the second book to the first before the first has even been released.  Also discovered this week that my book is available for pre-order on Amazon among other places.  Very exciting! Also great to see the books from Moth Publishing’s other new recruits (Helen Cadbury, Alfie Crow and Michael Donovan) with their jazzy covers.

I’ve been trying to blame my dog, Cotton, for the lack of work as she’s been ill lately.  But she’s on the mend so no more excuses.  Besides, could anyone blame this little beast for anything? _1020300