Whitley Bay

whitley bay

A fantastic night in Whitley Bay on Tuesday night. I’d been so excited when I was told a few months back that Stolen had been chosen as North Tyneside council’s Summer Read this year. Knowing that last year the book was The Murder Wall by Mari Hannah, I knew I was in good company. But it was a little nerve-wracking thinking about the event that would come at the end of the campaign when I’d have to come face to face with the readers and all their opinions of the book! But I needn’t have worried – everyone was so lovely and positive about it and came armed with plenty of questions. And it was great speaking to people afterwards, especially the lady who told me that Stolen was the first book her husband, who has dementia, had been able to read in a long time due to the short chapters. It’s not something I’d ever thought about before but it was so nice to hear.

So thanks to everyone who came along and to North Tyneside council and libraries, especially Steve and Sarah, and New Writing North for letting me take part in such a great event.

And tonight it’s off to Clayport library in Durham as part of the Durham Book Festival. Let’s hope it’s as much fun as Whitley Bay!


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