gateshead library

A great night was had by all (I hope!) at Gateshead Central Library on Tuesday night – I know I had fun anyway! Unfortunately there are no photos as my official photographer Stephen was persuaded to be my official interviewer for the evening. (He did a marvelous job and one lady even told him he was pretty.) So instead, here’s a moody picture of the library at night.

I’m always nervous before events but nowhere near as much as I was at the start of this adventure in May. Before my book launch I didn’t sleep properly for weeks. But after doing a dozen or so readings I’ve discovered that readers are a lovely bunch and are generally enthusiastic about what you’re doing and have buckets of interesting questions.

When I started out as a writer I never imagined having to hit the road so much to spread the word about my work. But it’s been fun and everyone who told me it’d get easier were right – it does. But Gateshead was my last event for a while before I get back on the horse (or train, probably) for more events when the Read Regional campaign begins in February. I’m looking forward to it already.

So thank you to Helen Eddon from Gateshead library for inviting me and to all the lovely readers who came along and made it a night to remember.


Murder in Malton

maltonphoto by Stephen Morris

Another grand day out in the name of crime fiction. This time to Malton as part of the Ryedale Book Festival in a lovely pub/restaurant called The Yard.  It was nice to have the whole Moth gang back together along with support from Norbert and Eric the dogs.

The event was held together by Alfie Crow who gave us a brief history of crime fiction, all the while wrangling Norbert who recently underwent a rather personal operation. Poor Norbert. Still, he seemed to enjoy the show regardless.

Thanks to everyone involved in organising the festival, particularly Sarah Tyson and Dinah Keal.