The Ear Worm Book


Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies. I think Fleetwood Mac have taken up permanent residence in my brain. Ever since I (finally) came up with the title for the third Gardner book, the song has been ear worming into my head nonstop. Not that it’s a bad thing. Little Lies is a good song. I could’ve named the book The Birdie Song (although that probably would’ve been a very different book) and spent the last six months weeping as I did a little bit of this and a little bit of that. But anyway…

It took forever to think of a title for this book and after I’d spent too many days just staring into space without a thought in my head (or at least a thought relating to titles), I decided I needed inspiration and turned to my record collection. It was remarkable how many song titles seemed to fit the book but nothing seemed to fit perfectly (I do now have a list of possible titles for other books though, which is handy). And then I came across Little Lies. I thought about that and put it aside with all the others, ready to move on. But it’s one of those songs that once you think of it, it won’t go away until you’ve sung the chorus at the very least (or is that just me?). So the song played on my brain radio while I scanned more titles and then as I got to the chorus it hit me. Tell Me Lies. That was the title. What had seemed to be an exercise in procrastination had paid off. (I also seem to have absorbed more Fleetwood Mac vibes – in the fourth Gardner book there’s a character named Rhiannon.)

So now I feel like I’ve cracked it, this title business. There are thousands of song titles just waiting for the right book, and if the title of the song doesn’t work then I’ll dig deeper to the lyrics. It’s amazing. All these titles just waiting for me. All I need to do now is write the books to fit them.


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